Classical trained pianist and keyboardist, Fabio has played in many bands and worked in many different musical contexts, developing a distinctive kind of sound.

His music can be defined as classical, minimal, ambient, experimental and it ranges from atmospheric film style soundtracks to minimalism, from soundscapes to a dark-glitchy ambient music.

It's not a "focused listening", neither a pure “wallpaper” type of music, rather it bridges this gap neatly, allowing the listener the choice to be either transported or remain grounded depending on the mood of the day.

Technically music is played and looped, electronically recycled and treated on the fly in a constant balance between improvisation and pre-composed musical ideas.

That’s achieved recurring to “live looping”, a technic that allows a musician to “clone” himself and interact with his own music in real time. 

World resource for live looping is the Looper’s Delight web site (more on links page).

For a list of all existing looping devices hardware and software check out the Looper Comparison Chart made by Per Boysen.


Latest Releases



Kawai MP5- Stage Piano

Korg workstation X-3

Roland D-50

Korg Kaoss Pad II

Korg NanoKontrol

Electrix Repeater

Boss DD-20 Gigadelay

Beheringer FCB 1010

RME Fireface 400

Macbook II

iPhone’s music apps.